Bride sparks outrage over 'shamelessly homophobic' move during wedding photos

The bride informed the brother that his husband was not permitted in the wedding photos

Social media is ablaze with outrage following a man's revelation about leaving his sister's wedding early, due to being denied the chance to stand next to his husband in the wedding photos.

Seeking perspective on whether he was at fault in this situation, he turned to Reddit for guidance.

In his account, he explained that after the wedding ceremony, his sister, the bride, wanted to capture photos with all five of her siblings and their respective partners.

Men on their wedding day
A man has revealed he left his sister's wedding early as she wouldn't allow him to stand next to his husband in the wedding photos. Photo: Getty

"When [the bride] saw that my husband was standing next to me," the man told group, "she shook her head and said something about him ruining the aesthetic." Evidently, the bride had planned for one man and one woman to stand alternately next to each other in the shot.


"My youngest sister who doesn't have a partner and was standing on the very side offered to stand between the two of us so we could be close and the bride's wish would still be respected," he explained.

Although the group deemed this a great solution, the bride disagreed and insisted that the man's husband be excluded from the picture. Reluctantly, he complied, however it was evident he was deeply hurt and disappointed by being left out.

The bride's brother shared with the Reddit community that while he understood her desire for her wedding pictures to match her vision, he believed that the proposal put forth by his younger sister was a reasonable compromise. Before leaving, he congratulated the bride and groom one final time and bid his farewells.

"When asked why we were leaving early," he concluded, "I said that I didn't feel like our presence was wanted."

bride and bridal party being photographed
The bride said she felt the two men standing side by side was 'ruining the aesthetic' of her photos. Photo: Getty

Subsequently, the bride texted him, dismissing his feelings as "overdramatic" and claiming he was making a fuss over nothing.

He shared that while their parents were attempting to remain neutral, aside from his youngest sister, the rest of the family supported the bride and groom, believing that leaving early was an extreme reaction and that they should have accepted the situation to avoid disrupting the wedding day.

Social media had some strong opinions on the matter which they wasted no time in sharing.

"Has your sister always been shamelessly homophobic, or has the wedding brought out a new side of her?" One group member immediately asked.

Another user labeled the bride a "sh*tty person" for not accepting two men standing together in a photo.


Amidst the discussions, group members applauded the man for not causing a scene at someone else's wedding while still standing up for his husband. Acknowledging the bride's right to choose the photo composition, one commenter pointed out the man's right to decide whether to be present or not, also.

Confidently, another user asserted that the situation displayed "100% homophobia," even if the sister was "unaware" of it. They argued that when fully embracing an LGBTQ+ family member, the "aesthetic" of having one couple as two gay men should hold no significance.

Adding a touch of sarcasm, another comment speculated, "Let me guess, she really wanted her wedding 'aEsTHeTiC' to be traditional?"

The overwhelming support for the bride's brother continued, with one user summarising the sentiment of the group by commending his class and loyalty, saying his husband is lucky to have him, and asserting that they both deserve better treatment.

Echoing a similar sentiment, another user aptly stated, "This is the part of the wedding where the groom learns the true nature of the bride and can opt for annulment."

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