Bride sparks debate after hosting black tie wedding that’s only serving ‘light snacks’

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A bride has sparked a debate after inviting guests to her black tie wedding, where she won’t be serving a meal.

In a post shared to the popular forum on Reddit, “Wedding Shaming,” one person shared a screenshot of the invitation, in the form of a text message, that their friend got to a wedding. The text began with the bride noting that she and her partner would be “happily invited” their loved ones to attend “The Black Tie Event of the Fall,” which was their wedding reception.

The message continued with a list of “a few things” that guests needed to know about the reception, the first thing being that it was “an adult only” event. Regarding drinks, the bride explained that there “will be an open bar,” in addition to a choice of beers and wines and special drinks in honor of the couple.

However, the bride noted that in terms of food at the wedding, guests won’t be served a full meal. She also made a recommendation for where people can eat before the wedding.

“We will be providing light snacks only,” the message continues. “This would provide you and your guest with the perfect opportunity to do an elegant evening dinner in our beautiful downtown with endless options before attending the reception!”

For the wedding’s dress code, the bride detailed how men have to wear “sharp black suits,” while women can opt for something “elegant” and black.

The Reddit post has quickly gone viral, with more than 1,200 upvotes. In the comments, multiple people criticized the bride for having a black tie dress code when a meal won’t be served at the wedding.

“Being invited to a black tie event over text? And this is just a reception invitation, not the actual wedding? And they’re not providing actual food??” one wrote

“Folks don’t seem to understand that a black tie event is an experience, not just an excuse to look nice. There is luxury at a black tie event. There is no luxury here. Folks should be able to wear dressy casual for this mess. Or even work clothes,” another agreed.

“I apparently am going against the grain here, but I think it’s wildly inappropriate to have a black tie event with no food and also to have an open bar with no food,” a third responded. “Appetizers are not enough when you’re serving alcohol.”

Other people questioned the bride and groom for why they’re hosting a seemingly upscale wedding without serving food. They also encouraged the Reddit poster’s friend to skip out on the wedding.

‘“Black tie event of the Fall’ - where they don’t even provide a meal,” one wrote. “This smacks of ‘we care more about the wedding photos looking good than we do about our guests.’ If I’m asking someone to travel to a party I’m hosting and to make an effort to glam up and wear their best clothes, I’m showing proper hospitality and giving them more than just ‘light snacks.’”

“This is not an enticing invitation. It’s a money grab,” another added. “Frankly, the couple should skip the wedding, skip the pseudo reception, and use whatever funds they already have to elope at their fantasy honeymoon destination. After they return home they can throw a huge, casual, non-formal, bash. The whole affair seems like a boring hassle.”