Bride-to-be shamed for choosing tiny 'paper clip' wedding ring

Kristine Tarbert
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A bride-to-be has copped some backlash online after revealing her fiancé is mad at her for choosing a simple wedding ring, which some have likened to a bent paper clip.

Olga Vilkova took to a ring-shaming Facebook group to share a photo of the thin band, which features five small diamonds.

“Lol my wedding ring came in yesterday and I picked it out myself and now my fiancé is mad at me because he thinks it makes him look cheap,” she captioned the image. “Rip me a new one because my wedding is in two weeks.”

A woman revealed her fiancé didn't like her choice of ring. Photo: Facebook

Most people thought her other half might have a fair point, likening the piece of jewellery to a paper clip or a rubber band.

“I too used to bend paperclips into rings when I was 10,” one person commented.

“Beyond sad, when a paper clip doesn't get used for its true purpose,” another quipped.

“Not at all appropriate for a wedding ring. Your poor fiancé!” was another response.

While others joked that hopefully the engagement ring might make up for the wedding band ‘being invisible’.

“As long as the engagement ring cost at least $14K, that should make up for the wedding band being invisible,” was one person’s response.

“This is so sad. I want to start a GoFundMe,” was another comment, while some also pointed out she should have nabbed a bargain during the recent Black Friday sales.

Of course, some people love a small understated ring, with plenty of online retailers catering to the trend of less-is-more.

Swarovski online, for example, has a host of gorgeous simple bands available for under $200 if the budget is tight.

Vittore rhodium-plated ring - $129

Photo: Swarovski

Vittore rose gold tone ring - $89

Photo: Swarovski

White and rose gold tone plated ring - $79

Photo: Swarovski

Etsy is another online retailer popular with those after a simple wedding band. And it has options for every budget, including some as cheap as $30.

Petite twist half eternity ring - $26

Photo: Etsy

Micro pave eternity diamond ring - $335

Photo: Etsy

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