Bride slammed as 'vulgar' over wedding gift request

Sarah Carty
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When it comes to getting married, bride’s cop a lot of flack, which most of the time is unwarranted.

From talk of outrageous bridesmaid demands to major meltdowns over the smallest of things, the rumours of planning a wedding would put non-married folk right off ever walking up the aisle.

However, one bride-to-be took things to a whole new level and infuriated pretty much everyone when she took to Mumsnet to ask for advice on her wedding gift list.

“We don’t need enough ‘stuff’ to make it worthwhile having a list,” she began the post, which has since been deleted.

A bride has been called ‘vulgar’ online over her wedding gift list. Photo: Fox 2000 Pictures

“We don’t want to not say anything because then we will get a bunch of stuff that is not to our taste, but will feel guilty and like terrible people when we eventually give it away.

“I would feel OK about saying ‘no gifts’, but then I would never attend a wedding without taking a gift, so is that just going to end up as receiving random s***e?

“Obviously a poem is beyond the pale.”

The bride then went on to say that she and her husband would prefer money as a gift but she doesn’t know how to put it on the invitation.

“I gather the done thing is to be very coy and not mention gifts at all, and then people are supposed to contact my parents for instructions or something, but the invitations will be sent by DP (darling partner) and me so I don’t see that happening,” she continued.

The bride and her husband-to-be wanted money instead of gifts. Photo: Getty Images

“So what is an acceptable way to say ‘we don’t need gifts and will absolutely still love you and want you at our wedding if you don’t bring one, but if you DO feel the need, please can it be money?'”

The responses were pretty scathing, with people hitting out at the bride on the thread.

“Just say no gifts please. Anything else is vulgar,” one person said.

“There is no polite way of asking for money. Say no gifts and people will give money if they want to. We teach our children to be grateful for any gifts they receive and not to expect anything so I don’t see why just getting married is somehow exempt from this rudeness,” another person said.

However, others agreed that the bride should be able to ask for whatever she wants on her wedding day.

“I think it’s completely fine. I can’t understand the no information thing, it’s just polite to provide that information – why should guests have to chase down the bridal party to find out?” a commenter said.

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