Bride's shocking decision causes outrage: 'Completely reckless’

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A bride has presented a dilemma that has people confused: Should she go ahead with her wedding, even though she has Covid?

The woman says she is having a ‘major meltdown’ after testing positive for Covid just two days before she’s due to get married.

A bride wearing a face mask holds a bouquet and looks at the camera
A bride has had a 'meltdown' after testing positive for Covid just two days before her wedding. Photo: Getty

As the bride is based in the U.K., there are currently no official guidelines requiring people with Covid to isolate or quarantine, though it is strongly recommended.

Taking to the online forum Mumsnet, the bride asked for help on making a decision, noting that she has spent roughly $27,000 AUD on her dream day.

“I am getting married on Saturday and having a large wedding with 80 day guests and an additional 100 at night. We have spent around £16,000 on the wedding and I have contacted my insurance provider, and they are telling me I am not covered as current guidance would allow me to go ahead.


“The venue have also said it is too late to cancel as they have ordered all the food and drinks etc,” she explained.

“We have saved for years and years to have our wedding the way we want it, I really don’t know what to do, if I cancel I will lose so much money and won’t be able to have our dream wedding ever,” she wrote.

People were quick to weigh in on the decision, with some outraged that the bride was even considering going ahead.

“It is really extremely irresponsible to go around hugging and kissing people when you knowingly have Covid,” one person wrote.

“200k deaths and countless long Covid sufferers later, it really is staggering that this still needs spelling out,” another added, while a third kept it simple: “Stay the hell away”.

“[The bride] knows she has it. Unless she takes precautions she is putting all guests as well as all workers at risk. Completely reckless,” another person chimed in.

Surprisingly, there was an overwhelming majority of people advising the bride to still have her wedding. While most urged the woman to be honest with guests and workers, some advised her to keep her Covid infection secret.

“Just go ahead and don’t even worry about it. I wouldn’t tell people as I wouldn’t want mass hysteria [or] swathes of dropouts. The bonus of it being your wedding is presumably you know if anyone is particularly vulnerable,” one advised.

“You need to let every single guest know and let them make the decision. Whilst some people are not vulnerable themselves they may care for vulnerable people and it would not be a risk that they are willing to take,” a second wrote.

“Please let your guests know! They could have health conditions you don’t know about or like us, have a holiday booked that requires testing, and I would be majorly pissed off if a bride did this to us without telling us,” a third added.

Two brides look at each other while wearing face masks
The bride announced that she's planning to go ahead with the wedding regardless. Photo: Getty

The bride took all the advice and told the group they were leaning towards going ahead with the wedding.

“We think we have decided to go ahead with the wedding, tomorrow we are going to make a list and as many group chats as possible to make sure everyone is told. We will recruit the bridesmaids to deal with more things face to face and they are going to help tell all the suppliers etc tomorrow, photographer, videographer etc.

“We will speak to the venue to go outside for as much as possible and see if there is anything else they can put in place we haven’t thought of. Think that should almost cover it I think. Just have to really hope I don’t get symptoms by then…”

She did add that she would avoid hugging or kissing her guests during her big day, and says she doesn’t want ‘anyone’ near her at all.

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