'Not going to happen': Bride shocked by guest's 'rude' RSVP

Kristine Tarbert
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While many couples have been forced to postpone their weddings, or turn to virtual options instead, one bride was stunned by the RSVP response she received after sending out her wedding invitations.

Although given the current climate, most people think the response slightly harsh response was completely valid.

Wedding Sign On Tree
A bride has had to postpone her May wedding. Photo: Getty

The New York bride was due to get married in May, and had sent out invitations for her in February, which was technically before many countries went into lockdown.

She shared an image of the “rude” response in a wedding shaming group on Facebook.

It read: “Sorry between work and Covid-19, not going to happen.”

“Shaming the guests who thought this was appropriate,” she added.

“I sent out invites before the pandemic began and I just got postponement cards in the mail.”

wedding rsvp covid
This RSVP has caused a stir. Photo: Facebook

However, given the virus has already claimed the lives in China as early as January, some people thought February couldn’t be considered ‘pre-pandemic’.

“There were pretty clear indications the virus was going to hit the US in late January. People were already staying home in February,” one person commented.

“Even if they were [rude], they aren't wrong. I can't imagine going to a wedding in May. I wouldn't go to a wedding in May,” another admitted.

While a third said: “Personally I don't consider sending out invites in February ‘pre-pandemic’.”

However the bride took to the comments to defend herself, saying she was actually a nurse working in a COVID-19 unit and the whole experience had already been extremely stressful.

“I am not having a reception and my party was supposed to be May 30th. It was recently postponed by my venue and I was waiting for them to make the call based on the New York State pause being extended to May 15th,” she explained in a further comment.

“My immediate family was made aware and guests who lived out of state. I am a registered nurse working on a COVID unit so this has been a stressful time regardless of getting married or not.

“I personally was just taken back by the writing on the RSVP card as I didn't think that was a thing people do.”

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