Bride-to-be's shocking photo of second hand wedding dress

A bride-to-be has shared some shocking photos online reminding us why you should definitely wash a second hand wedding dress before wearing it.

Brisbane mum Tasma Mordue bought her gown through Facebook Market place and said it looked immaculate except for a wine stain on the hip.

But after taking the time to give the gown a good soak, the result left her so shocked she decided to share the images to a budget weddings Facebook group.

“So I washed my second hand wedding dress today and I am shook,” she captioned the photos showing how filthy the water was after the dress had soaked.

dirty wedding dress after soak
The dress during and after the first soak. Photo: Supplied/Tasma Mordue

Tasma reveals she bought the gown in March, with their original wedding date in June now postponed to September due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I decided to wash the dress as I was quoted over $600 to have it dry cleaned which is just unreal if you ask me,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It was very scary with no experience and damn heavy.”

At first glance, the sleeveless dress didn’t look too bad, Tasma tells us.

second hand wedding dress
The dress looked in good shape before it was washed. Photo: Supplied/Tasma Mordue

“I used a white towel on the bottom of the bath, I then added cold water with OMO Sensitive powder and Napisan powder,” she explains.

“I did a very mild dose of one scoop of each with a very, very gentle hand agitation and left it to soak for almost two hours.

“I also put another white towel on top to make sure it stayed submerged then took it out and let it drip, rinsed with fresh water.”

Realising how dirty the dress actually was, Tasma decided to do the same a second time and soak the gown for another hour and a half.

“I rinsed it with fresh water and made sure not to wring as it will hurt the fabric.”

wedding dress washing
The water after a second soak was much cleaner. Photo: Supplied/Tasma Mordue

Tasma admits she was shocked.

“I knew it needed a wash but the water was filthy! The train had grass and black dirt as well as a wine stain on the leg but it all came out thank god,” she adds.

And now she’s extremely pleased with the results, with plenty of people sharing their thoughts in the comments.

Tasma Mordue wedding dress washing
The dress before and after its wash. Photo: Supplied/Tasma Mordue

“I hope it wasn’t listed as being clean,” one person wrote.

“I could imagine how much sweat, dirt from the ground, fake tan, perfume and deodorant goes on a dress. Surely I'm not the only one not really shocked,” another said.

While a third thanked Tasma for her post: “I just got my second hand dress for our wedding in September! I was just researching how to wash it, when i saw this.”

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