Bride Refuses to Give Sister Plus-One to Her Wedding, Claims She Doesn’t Have the ‘Best Track Record with Men’

In an anonymous post on Reddit, a 25-year-old woman explained why she didn't want any strangers at her wedding, including one of her sister's casual "flings"

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of bridesmaids and bride


Stock image of bridesmaids and bride
  • A 25-year-old bride shared an anonymous post on Reddit asking if she was wrong to not give her sister a plus one to her wedding

  • The bride-to-be explained that she doesn't want any strangers in her wedding or in her wedding photos, and her sister "always has a new guy on her shoulder"

  • The post's author also claimed her sister dates the "absolutely worse men alive"

A bride-to-be has run into some family drama while planning out her wedding guest list.

In an anonymous post on Reddit's popular "Am I the A------" forum, a 25-year-old woman wondered if she was at fault for not giving her sister a plus-one to her winter wedding, a move which sparked conflict between them. Explaining her motive, the post's author wrote that she and her fiancé, whom she calls Bertram in the post, didn't want strangers in their wedding due to the small venue size.

She also noted that her sister's dating life is frequently in flux, meaning she would likely bring "a fling" as her date. Additionally, the bride claimed that she isn't a fan of her sister's taste in men.

"She will only date rich men, and refuses to settle for less," the bride wrote. "My sister has not had a relationship last longer than two months, and she always has a new guy on her shoulder."

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<p>Getty</p> Stock image of sisters arguing


Stock image of sisters arguing

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When the sister received her invitation — which reportedly read “we have reserved 1 seat(s) in your name” — she contacted the bride to voice her displeasure.

"She called me and told me that it was not fair that she could not bring a plus one. I mentioned to her that she didn’t have the best track record with men, and that Bertram and I really didn’t want some random person nobody would talk about in our wedding pictures," read the Reddit post, which was shared on June 19.

The sister called the bride "selfish" and claimed she could find a boyfriend and enter a serious relationship in the six months leading up to the wedding this December.

"Now here I might’ve gotten mean, but I told her I would seriously doubt if she found anyone, given her track record for [dating] the absolutely worse men alive," the soon-to-be newlywed wrote on the forum, going on to further describe her sister's type: "Rich men, who think buying gifts will excuse cheating and lying."

<p>Getty</p> Stock image of bride


Stock image of bride

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In response, she claimed her single sibling "got upset, hung up, and said she will be attending my wedding with a boyfriend of four plus months because she will find one."

The Reddit post inspired mixed responses. Several comments sided with the bride and her choice to control her own guest list, while others said she was to blame for the sisterly conflict. Some people asked for more information, like why her sister's boyfriend, casual or otherwise, needed to appear in their family wedding photos.

"You got a point, but I mean, look how she is reacting about this," the bride responded to a question about the photo issue. "Imagine if she makes a scene at the wedding about them being rude and excluding her bf from pics. I feel like she's going to try and make this wedding about herself."

In favor of the author's position, another comment read, "There is never any obligation to offer single people a +1 to a wedding." The same user went on to clarify that such a policy should be applied to all guests, not just a move to single out the sister.

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People who sided with the sister pointed out how she might feel lonely at the event without a plus one.

"Think about how much you'll actually be impacted by having a 'stranger' at your wedding versus how much it'll impact your sister having to go alone. Assuming everyone else has a plus one and she's the only one you're leaving out, she's probably gonna feel really excluded," one person wrote. "Meanwhile, if you let her bring a plus one and just let her know that you don't want him in the family pictures, you'll probably be impacted by his presence exactly 0%."

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