Bride's dirty secret exposed by groom's hidden microphone

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A bride is likely regretting her decision to greet her groom with a dirty whispered secret at the end of the aisle, after it she discovered he was wearing a hidden microphone.

US husband Luke Logan has taken Twitter by storm with the hilarious video that shows him greeting his wife on their wedding day, never expecting her to drop a dirty bomb while the videographer looked (and listened) on.

“You look so beautiful,” the North Carolinian groom whispers.

“I took a really big dump right before I came down the aisle,” she not-so-secretly whispers back.

The unexpected admission prompts a giggling fit from the bride while the groom -more than aware that the conversation is being recorded for eternity - eggs her on.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he asks, before letting her know that a hidden microphone means that at least one other person, the videographer, is also inadvertently in on the secret.

A now-viral moment

Luke Logan and wife Taylor Logan are the internet's new favourite couple. Photo: Facebook

Well now the circle of confidants has expanded, with over 63k people viewing the footage on Twitter after Logan shared it in a bid to get a spot on a Jimmy Fallon segment.

The couple have been embraced with open arms online, with fans of the video heaping praise on the down-to-earth bride, and her loving groom.

“You guys are now my favourite couple in the whole wide world,” one woman wrote.

“I haven't stopped laughing at this, SO funny!!” another shared.

And, making the whole thing a little more wholesome, are the sweet comments Luke followed the video up with.

“I married a pretty awesome lady,” he shared.

“An honest woman like that is hard to find,” he added.

A heartwarming pair

The clip is nine years old and the pair now share a daughter and probably plenty more honest exchanges that haven’t been recorded.

“I hope we stay married after she learns how many people have watched this video!” he wrote.

And if the love online is anything to go by, others clearly feel the same.

He’s not the first husband to air some dirty laundry, but the story is far more wholesome.

Earlier, a man overheard his wife’s shocking phone call, which lead to a bitter divorce.

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