Bride's 'list of duties' for her bridesmaids slammed for outrageous demand

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Being a bridesmaid can become expensive. Photo: Getty

As most people who have ever been asked to be a bridesmaid will know - it ain’t a cheap endeavour.

Or course it all depends on whether or not the bride pays for any of the required elements. But between the dress, shoes, makeup and jewellery, things like the hens night and the bridal shower and gift, the bill can quickly add up.

And for that exact reason one bride’s demand for her bridal party has got people up in arms.

Taking to Facebook to share the ‘proposal boxes’ she created for her chosen besties, the bride also revealed she had created a ‘cheat sheet’ for them to ‘help remember all the to-dos’.

“Just wanted to share my bridesmaid proposal boxes with you guys since I’m always curious to see what everyone else puts in their’s,” she wrote alongside some photos, which showed inclusions like a face mask, mini vodka and the classic ring pop.

But it was her list of bridesmaid duties that got the most attention.

A bride shared her 'Bridesmaid duties in detail' list online. Photo: Facebook

The detailed list includes six ways in which her bridesmaids can fulfil their duties to meet her expectations like planning and co-hosting pre-wedding parties, buying their dresses and accessories, and helping her with pre-wedding tasks.

But the one that copped the most heat was the final point.

“Purchase a wedding gift. Talk to the other bridesmaids about pitching in for a joint wedding gift,” it read.

Most people slammed the bride for her ‘demanding’ list of requirements.

“I hate this – it's so demanding! Your bridesmaids are your friends not your funding source,” was one comment.

“If they're expected to pay for their outfits and accessories and pre wedding activities then that should be their wedding gift. Expecting a gift on top of everything else is just too much,” another person pointed out.

“The boxes are cute but the list of duties telling the bridesmaids to buy the bride a gift is rough,” a third agreed.

Others wondered why she would make them pay for their own dresses, although this is generally something that is considered acceptable in Australia, with the odd exception of brides or the bride’s family chipping in for the cost of the outfit.

There were also a few who stood up for the bride, saying it was good to have clear instructions beforehand to avoid any confusion down the track.

“I like this. Tell me what you need or expect so that there are no surprises, and since it's a proposal I can always say 'no' if I'm not okay with any of it – simple,” was one response.

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