Bride and groom photobombed by Adam Sandler

Everyone dreams about how their perfect wedding will play out. Some have it down to the most minute detail: the hair, the dress, the location, the temperature.

However, most people probably don’t picture Adam Sandler showing up for their official wedding photos wearing a VCU T-shirt and basketball shorts. (Some people may imagine this, and this would be their dream come true.)

Sandler was having lunch with his family in Montreal, where he’s filming a new movie with Jennifer Aniston, when the actor noticed Kevin Goldstein and his bride, Alex, taking their wedding photos.

How did Sandler notice the couple? “My wife yelled his name,” Kevin told the BBC.

Kevin said: “We were taking photos. He came over and wished us well. He was just chatting to us. We told him we’re huge fans. We love his work. We’ve watched all his films.

“He replied, ‘Good, I’ll take some photos then — mazel tov!’ My wife invited him to the wedding. He couldn’t make it, but she was ecstatic, absolutely over the moon. We couldn’t believe it.”

The photo, which was initially shared on Reddit, was taken by the talented Sana Belgot of Mlle Sana Photography.

Kevin, who spoke with the BBC while on his honeymoon in Italy, went on to say that Sandler was “the nicest guy” and that it meant a lot that the Wedding Singer star took the time to chat with him and his bride.

Adam, if you’re reading this, I’m not engaged, but I would be honoured if you bought me something from a wedding registry. I could make up a list right now.

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