Bride and groom called out for 'vulgar’ wedding invitations: 'Little s***'

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Sometimes it might feel a little awkward - even frustrating - to tell your family that children aren't invited to your wedding, or that you can't cater to all dietary requirements, or maybe there is no parking at the venue.

But one bride and groom have decided to simply tell it as it is in a FAQ card sent out with their wedding invitations that has raised many eyebrows online, after the profanity laden page was shared on Reddit.

wedding couple
A couple's wedding invitation has raised eyebrows online. Photo: Getty

"My cousin sent this along with her wedding invitations ... I will not be in attendance," the shocked guest captioned an image of the card received in the mail.

While the wedding invitation itself appear pretty standard, the card answering a few common questions people might have about the big day was anything but.

Some of the standouts included:

"Dietary requirements: Eat what you’re given, you fat f***."

"Dress code: Wear whatever the f*** you want - go butt f*** naked for all we care."

"Hotels: Google it you lazy f***. Taxis: See above. Parking: Follow the f***ing directions we gave you, dumba**.


"Children: Leave your little s**** at home. We want to get f***ed up. (We will turn you away)."

While it's clear the couple were trying to be funny, many just thought the card was 'rude', 'vulgar' and 'hostile'.

rude wedding invitation on Reddit
The invitation was slammed for being 'too aggressive'. Photo: Reddit

"So much cringe. Trying far too hard to be cool," one person commented.

"I don’t get why people think swearing is so funny. I mean I have nothing against it. It’s just not particularly clever or funny," another said.

"That’s one aggressive invitation," was another response.

While a fourth asked: "Is this same invite going to any elderly family members? I’m just picturing my nana’s face if this showed up in the mail."

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