Bride’s father takes eight months to turn backyard into dream wedding venue: ‘First man that loved you’

A bride’s father has transformed her former backyard into the wedding venue she always wanted, in just under a year.

Nina Salci and her husband, Alejandro Franco, were married on 16 December 2022 in Salci’s childhood home - specifically underneath the cabana where she shared many childhood events, including her prom and high school graduation.

“When you’re getting married in five days in your childhood backyard in the cabana your dad built years ago,” the text across the screen began in one of her TikTok videos. “The same spot you took your prom, graduation, and many other special photos in… so many incredible memories here I’m just soaking it all in before I make more on the big day.”

Not only did her father build the cabana, but it was also his job to make the backyard wedding-ready before his daughter said “I do”. A separate TikTok showed Salci’s dad performing multiple maintenance tasks in the yard - including fixing the cabana, power washing the deck, removing loose tree branches, and weeding as her wedding day approaches.

“POV you told your dad you want to get married in our childhood backyard so he spent eight months watering, building, trimming, and planting to make the yard look exactly how I envisioned it for my big day,” the text across the screen read, as it showed several clips of her dad working. Salci expressed how grateful she was for all of his help, as she wrote in the TikTok’s caption: “Dad if you see this… you are my hero.”

Salci shared a number of videos from her backyard wedding ceremony, which was Tuscan garden-inspired. Her wedding planner designed an olive oil wall that doubled as a seating chart. Each glass jar featured the name of a guest where of they were seated. The newlyweds also had an open bar with signature cocktails and chef’s stations for dinner. For the reception, the couple rented a party bus to take the entire group to a club they had rented out for the reception.

Since it was posted on 23 January, the video has been viewed more than 20m times with over 15,000 comments.

Many of the comments gushed over Salci’s dad putting in all of the work so quickly for his daughter. “The first man that loved you,” one comment wrote, referring to the bride’s father. Another agreed, mentioning how lucky she is to have a father like hers. “Acts of service at its finest. You’re a lucky woman, this is so precious,” the comment read.

“I hope you realise how special he is. I have a father like this who passed away last year, and he did everything to make my dreams true. Miss him,” a third comment said.

Others commented on how beautiful the venue looked, writing: “This will forever be a priceless wedding. One that will never be forgotten. Many blessings.”

“Backyard weddings are so precious,” a second commenter agreed.

“Now this is a true dream wedding,” a third comment read. “So beautiful!”