Bride's outrageous demand so wedding guest doesn't 'outshine her'

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
A bride has asked her guest not to get her hair and makeup done. Photo: Getty

A bride-to-be has copped huge criticism online after making an outrageous demand of one of her guests to ensure they didn’t ‘outshine her’.

The rather forward demand was posted to a wedding shaming group on Facebook, after screenshots of the text messages between the bride and friend were shared online.

The bride starts off by asking for a favour, adding that she “doesn’t want to sound weird”.

“But can you not wear makeup for my wedding?” she asks.

It’s unclear whether the guest is a bridesmaid or just attending the wedding, but she was understandably shocked by the request.

“Why? I don’t wear makeup regardless but isn’t everyone getting their makeup done?” she responds.

That’s when the bride hits peak bridezilla and says, “Yeah but I don’t want you to outshine me”.

“And not get your hair done,” she adds.

The woman hits back by saying she would look silly if she attended a ‘formal’ occasion with natural hair and no makeup, but the bride doesn’t seem to be too worried.

“It should be about me that day and I don’t want anyone to look better,” she concludes.

A bride makes an outrageous request. Photo: Facebook

People were equally shocked and slammed the bride for the crazy request.

“Standard bridezilla response ‘it’s my day’. As if people are actually this ridiculous,” one person commented.

“Ew. Are you sure you want to support that kind of friend,” another asked.

“I just won’t attend because ‘Honey, who are you kidding?’ I’m f**king fabulous,” another quipped.

“Don’t tell her you’re getting it done and show up full-faced and with fancy-ass hair,” one person suggested.

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