Bride demands more gift money off wedding guests

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A bride lashed out at a wedding guest over her small gift. Photo: Getty Images

A wedding guest is seething after a bride contacted her demanding more money as a wedding gift.

The woman took to Twitter to share the experience, explaining received the rude phone call after attending a co-worker’s wedding in Europe.

The couple had asked for cash gifts so that the couple didn’t have to transport large packages home, but the guest found herself in a pickle when her and her friends ran out of cash in the small village which didn’t have any ATMs.

“We didn't see local ATMs,” she explained in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Most cabs refused to take Euros so we literally only had enough local currency to get back to the hotel and to the airport at 4am.”

She explained that her and her friend decided to pool what little cash they had left, a grand total of around €20 in an envelope, and follow up with a ‘proper gift’ once they arrived home.

The guest said she had planned to follow up the cash with a proper gift. Photo: Getty Images

The bride however, wasn’t about to wait around, contacting the guest to let her know that the gift wasn’t adequate.

“Did you enjoy our wedding and the time spent in Cluj? Did your friend enjoy it too?” she reportedly asked her guest.

“You seemed to enjoy it plenty but this was not reflected in your contribution to our wedding costs. The average contribution was 100 Euro per person, while even 75 Euro would be sufficient,” the bride wrote.

She went on to demand her guest transfer the ‘difference’, a minimum of 125 euro, to her and her new husband’s account.

The irate guest summarised the situation stating, “Safe to say I am no longer friends with the debt collector.”

Online users were divided on the topic, some arguing that chasing up a wedding gift was at best unseemly, at worst downright rude.

“If someone can’t afford to host people at a wedding then they shouldn’t invite them!” was one response.

Others saw things from the bride’s perspective arguing that such a small amount as a gift was outrageous.

“Obviously her asking for more money is lame/unprecedented, but €5 for a wedding gift is insulting,” one commentator insisted.

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