Bride sparks debate for starting wedding without parents after they were in a car crash

The bride went ahead with her wedding after her parents were in a car crash. [Photo: Getty]
The bride went ahead with her wedding after her parents were in a car crash. [Photo: Getty]

A bride who went ahead with her wedding ceremony without her parents has sparked debate after sharing her anger at them online.

Her parents had left early to arrive at the venue, but were in a car crash which meant they were delayed. The bride and groom were unable to get hold of her parents because they only have a landline and no mobile phones.

Thy venue they had chosen only had a limited time reserved for the couple, so they decided to go ahead with the ceremony in front of all of the other guests.

The bride and her parents have reached a stalemate because she’s angry at them for not getting there on time and her parents are angry that they didn’t wait for them to start the ceremony.

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“The venue cost us a lot of money (we paid for the entire wedding ourselves) and we were only able to use it for a limited amount of time, so we wanted to make every minute count.” The anonymous bride shared on a Reddit thread entitled “AITA for starting my wedding on time and not waiting for my parents?”.

Half an hour before the wedding was due to start, the bride and groom both started calling her parents, concerned that they still hadn’t arrived.

Her parents arrived 15 minutes after the ceremony had started and missed the vows.

As it turns out, they did leave early but got rear-ended at a set of traffic lights and had to deal with the police and the insurance company.

Her parents were late to the party because their car got hit from behind. [Photo: Getty]
Her parents were late to the party because their car got hit from behind. [Photo: Getty]

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“I'm still frustrated with them for not making more of an effort to get to the venue early, and they're furious at me for not delaying the wedding 15 minutes so they could be there.” The woman concluded the message asking if she was in the wrong.

The thread has 4.7k replies with a lot of opposing views.

One person agreed with the bride for starting the wedding on time but couldn’t fathom why she was still annoyed with her parents after learning the truth.

“But I don't understand why she is still mad at her parents for being late once she knew what happened. They left home early but got into a car crash. What did she [sic] want them to do?”

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“She's probably upset at the fact that it's 2019 and for some reason, her parents refuse to get a mobile [sic] phone that would have avoided all this drama and would have saved her the stress and upset of wondering for half an hour of wtf they were.” Another argued.

The debate was split between people who sided with her parents for being in an unavoidable accident and with the bride because her parents should have mobile phones, or at least tried to find a phone in this instance.

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