Bride roasted over 'insane' demands of bridesmaid with cancer

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A bride's demands of a sick bridesmaid has horrified onlookers. Photo: Getty Images

The stress of a wedding can get to the best of us and turn even the most reasonable bride or groom into a slightly unhinged version of themselves, but most can maintain a basic level of humanity and self-awareness.

Most, but not all as it turns out.

One bride has sparked outrage online for her insensitive demands of a bridesmaid fighting cancer, including that she must purchase a wig, and pay extra for makeup so the makeup artist can do ‘extra work’ on her face.

The jaw-dropping tale was re-posted from Facebook to a wedding shaming group, and sparked no end of savage commentary, slamming the bride for her insensitivity.

Unreasonable demands

The startling story was shared to Facebook. Photo: Facebook

The woman explained in a lengthy post that she was asked to be a bridesmaid before her cancer diagnosis, but in the ensuing months had been delivered the shattering news and undergone chemotherapy.

Along with that came the side effects, loss of hair and eyelashes.

The bride as it turned out, wasn’t willing to have those side effects on display at her wedding, and assumed the poor woman would comply.

“She keeps making comments about getting a wig for her wedding,” she wrote.

“On a daily basis I just rock my bald head, and it’s not financially feasible or practical for me to purchase a ‘good’ wig just for her wedding.

“I understand she doesn’t want me bald, but it’s who I am right now.”

The woman was asked to purchase a wig, despite never wearing one day to day. Photo: Getty Images

Adding insult to injury, the poor bridesmaid added another mind-boggling demand the bride had made, and this one took the cake.

“She also dropped the bomb that the girl she hired for makeup is going to cost me extra because ‘she will have to put in extra work on you’,” the woman added.

Horrified reactions

The horrific story prompted an instant response online, with people left gobsmacked by the bride’s insensitivity.

“She has enough to deal with without the stress of this so-called friend’s wedding demands,” one outraged woman wrote.

“I think the make-up artist was just trying to up-sell the bride in a really crappy way,” another suggested.

“This girl is not your friend,” another observed.

“How could anyone do that to a friend? I've lost way too many friends to cancer,” another shared.

Adding fuel to the fire is the woman’s selfless decision to swallow the unreasonable demands to make it all run smoothly.

“At the end of the day I’m going to suck it up and buy a wig and pay the extra for the makeup, but I feel like I’m being punished for having cancer,” she finished the heartbreaking post.

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