Bride blasted for ‘stealing’ $30k from guests

A bride and groom are under fire for cancelling their wedding after receiving donations from guests. Photo: Getty

A bride who asked her guests for donations to help pay for her dream wedding has pulled out just one month ahead of the scheduled date – despite receiving over $30,000 in cash gifts.

In a Facebook message that was screenshotted and shared on Reddit, the bride explains that she’s decided to cancel her December 1 nuptials and postpone to an undetermined date in the future.

The reason, she explains, is so that they can use the money raised on a honeymoon, and collect more cash gifts for a wedding down the track.

“Don’t worry, the money you’ve donated will not be spent in vain, but rather used towards a honeymoon in the coming months,” she writes.

Photo: Facebook via Reddit

“After we regain financial stability and hold calm in our hearts after a honeymoon we will announce a new wedding date date and re open our money fund for any further gifts. Weddings are expensive!”

Guests let loose

As expected, the announcement left guests livid and they didn’t hold back in their comments to the bride.

“Is this a f*cking joke????” one person said, “After raking in $30k you decide to be greedy and use it all for yourselves?”

Photo: Facebook via Reddit

“What the hell is happening,” said another guest, “everything was fine even yesterday and now you’re taking a huge sum of money and ditching. It doesn’t seem right.”

Many others complained that the bride was not answering calls or texts, and as a result, one family member started threatening legal action in the Facebook comments if their $12,000 donation was not refunded.

“My donation was given the under fair that you would be married on Dec 1st and that my entire family would attend,” they said, “We donated early and trusted you to respect that. You’ve broken your plans and now we want our cash back. NOW”

Photo: Facebook via Reddit

Bride defends herself

In a stunning development, the bride wrote back asking her friends and family members to calm down.

“All, please calm down,” she began, “You’re making me feel very attacked and hanged (sic) up on.”

“You chose to DONATE to ME. If I want to use the money, who cares how? I told you the wedding is rescheduled not cancelled.”

After discovering someone had shared the screenshots to Reddit, she lamented that her name, which we have chosen not to publish here, had been ruined, and said she would need a week away from social media and her phone to recover.

Photo: Facebook via Reddit

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