Bride's best friend busts cheating groom just one hour before wedding

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A woman has shared the moment she discovered her best friend's husband-to-be was allegedly having a secret fling with her maid of honour.

The shocking situation was shared to a Wedding Facebook group to ask for advice on what to do, with the unnamed woman explaining how she caught them "sneaking out of a room" and "looking dishevelled" just hours before the wedding.

bride on wedding day
A woman has asked for advice after discovering her best friend's groom was cheating. Photo: Getty

"When I was at my best friend's wedding, just an hour before the ceremony was going to start, I came across definitive proof that my best friend's spouse-to-be was having an affair with the maid of honour," she wrote in the post.

"I caught them sneaking out of a room together looking dishevelled. I was in so much shock I didn't know what to do. 

"Do I tell my best friend now?"


The post sparked a flurry of responses with some saying she should tell her friend right away, but potentially prepare for the consequences.

"You should have told her the moment you caught them," one person said.

"Yes tell her, she deserves to know now not later," another said.

cheating groom
She discovered the groom with the maid of honour just hours before the ceremony. Photo: Getty

"You may find yourself in the firing line for not saying anything on the day," another pointed out, suggesting she should perhaps have a conversation with the groom and maid of honour first.

"I would say something! Have it out with the groom and maid of honour and say I saw you both either you tell the bride now or I will," one person agreed.

"Give the groom and maid of honour a choice, you tell or they tell her. Give them a time frame, she deserves to know, just think of it as if the tables were turned, would you want her to tell you?" another person asked.

On person even suggested to perhaps leave the bearing of bad news up to the wedding celebrant.

"No. Don’t tell her. Tell the officiant who will be presiding over the ceremony. Let him/her break the news to her. There will likely be less embarrassing drama than if you tell her on her wedding day," they wrote.

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