Bride-to-be baffles fiancee after requesting a more expensive engagement ring: ‘I’m beginning to regret even asking’

A woman upset her fiancee when she asked for a new, more expensive engagement ring.

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum for advice. At first, the Reddit poster had no issue with the engagement ring. Later, she realized she was allergic to the nickel in the ring. When she looked up nickel-free engagement rings, the only alternatives cost thousands of dollars. Her boyfriend didn’t appreciate the new request.

“My partner and I have been together over two years, and I have never been the type to be concerned about money,” she explained. “My engagement ring is beautiful, and I adore it — that is not the issue. I have recently discovered I have a nickel allergy.”

“I thought it was ring rash at first and left it for a while, but now my ring finger is severely red, swollen, and burning. It’s to the point I can barely put my rings on. It has also spread to the middle and pinkie finger on my left hand.”

But the only solution to the issue appeared to be more expensive than she or her fiancé had hoped.

“I began researching rings that are nickel-free, and the only way to guarantee it doesn’t contain my allergen is by getting 24-karat gold or platinum,” she said. “For those who don’t know about jewelry, that is at least three to five grand. I told him about this and how I knew it would be a lot to save, and I will happily wear my silicone workout band until then, but I really want a real ring he picked out to wear.”

“He got a bit upset (not yelling or anything, he’s a very great guy) and thinks it’s just me wanting something more extravagant and not appreciating what he worked for already. I’m beginning to regret even asking.”

Redditors shared their thoughts on the issue.

“Give him the ring back and find someone who actually cares about you,” a user wrote.

“He sounds cheap and disrespectful,” another commented.

“You can’t help your allergy,” someone added.

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