Viewers troll TV show's blustering gaffe

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Aussie reality series love nothing more than an exciting location for a drama-heavy scene.

Picture all those unnecessary helicopters on The Bachelor, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

However, one TV show’s attempt to tread these tried and tested footsteps went hilarious wrong last night, when the untameable elements took over what was supposed to be a dramatic, cliffside picnic on Bride and Prejudice.

Let’s just say high-drama met high winds with disastrous effect.

A cliffside boozy breakfast was hit with a windy issue early on. Photo: Seven

It all started off as an innocent picnic held (rather perilously) on a cliff’s edge, but it quickly turned into a turbulent, windy experience for stars Denton, Dannii, Donna and Dee.

No, we’re not making any part of that sentence up. Welcome to 2019 where Codi Simpson is a dancing robot and a D-heavy family crisis is blown out of proportion, almost literally, during a morning picnic held on the edge of a dramatic drop.

Of course, the problem with precariously balanced cliffside breakfast settings is famously the unpredictability of the wind, which came out in full force to wreak havoc on hairdos and solemnity alike.

The truth behind the wind

For those interested in the context behind the windy mess, soon-to-be-wed couple Denton and Dannii are trying to win over Danni’s mother Donna, and sister Dee, who don’t approve of the match.

Though much was laid out on the table, the wind blew most of the sound away, leaving viewers confused as to whether they were watching a family feud play out, or a very small televised bush doof with nice table settings.

Breakfast feud, or bush doof? Photo: Seven

While Denton, who is scared of heights and therefore decided to conduct the conversation beside a perilous drop, demands his in-laws start showing some true support for his betrothed Dannii, all viewers could see was the distracting breeze.

Viewers react on Twitter

One viewer enjoyed imagining the conversation going on behind the scenes.

Another was simply perplexed at the whole situation.

“Flicking the channel over, why the f**k this family having lunch on a random rock cliff thing on #BrideandPrejudice?”

Others raised a pointed eyebrow at the potentially deadly cocktail of cliff, booze and blustering breeze.

Finally, one took time out to give a nod to the real MVP of the scene.

Let’s just say the seriousness of the situation was definitely lost on several viewers, and the true heroes were those champagne flutes who held their ground like absolute troopers.

As for Denton, Dannii, Donna and Dee, while we would love to see reconciliation ideally in the form of the four-piece band those names are perfect for, it seems like their chances of redemption are as flimsy as that flying white tablecloth.

Dee saved the champagne flukes, for nothing would save the familial breakdown. Photo: Seven

Bride and Prejudice airs Tuesday, October 22 at 7.30 pm

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