Brian Cox Open to Playing Logan Roy in ‘Succession’ Movie

Macall Polay/HBO
Macall Polay/HBO

Brian Cox may not be entirely done with Logan Roy yet. The 77-year-old Scottish actor told Variety over the weekend that he is open to reprising his iconic character—presumably in flashbacks (spoiler alert!)—in a Succession movie. “We’ll see,” Cox said. “If it’s good enough and [series creator] Jesse Armstrong wants to do it, I might do it.” He did not, however, have enthusiastic things to say about the possibility of a Cousin Greg spinoff series. “I don’t think Nick Braun would want to do it either,” Cox said of the actor who portrayed his awkward nephew on the HBO show, which is poised to win big for its final season at Monday night’s Emmy Awards. “He’s going onto other things, which are really exciting for him.”

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