Brett Favre thinks Mike McCarthy is equipped to handle Jerry Jones being Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones is an extremely involved owner, to say the least.

The Dallas Cowboys boss is constantly giving candid interviews, speaking out and frequently appears to be controlling minuscule aspects of the team from his owners box — even when the head coach or others within the organization should be handling things.

Undoubtedly, there is no other owner in the league like him.

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Newly hired head coach Mike McCarthy — who was pegged to replace Jason Garrett on Monday — will have to learn to work with Jones quickly, likely providing him with a challenge he hasn’t seen before throughout his 26 years coaching in the league.

Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, though, thinks that McCarthy will do just fine in Dallas. He can handle whatever Jones throws at him.

“I don’t know Jerry other than what I see and what I hear. Obviously he’s the owner and everything starts and stops with him,” Favre said on SiriusXMNFL on Monday, via Jon Machota of The Athletic. “Mike’s a smart guy. He knows that, and  he knows that maybe at times Jerry will interfere or say things that you don’t necessarily agree with or don’t like. But it is what it is. 

“I’ll say this. Mike is one of those guys from Pittsburgh. He’s hard-nosed. He’s tough. He [has] an aggressive personality. If there’s anyone out there presently that can handle that, it’s Mike. I believe that wholeheartedly.”

Favre didn’t play under McCarthy as a head coach for long. His final two seasons in Green Bay were McCarthy’s first as head coach with the Packers, but he did spend the 1999 season with McCarthy as his quarterbacks coach. It’s safe to say that Favre knows the 56-year-old coach well.

Though working for Jones could prove to be difficult, it sounds like the two are already off to a tremendous start. McCarthy stuck around in Dallas for an extra day after his initial interview when things had gone well, and then he even spent the night at Jones’ house on Saturday.

Regardless of how things turn out between the two, Favre believes McCarthy will succeed in his return to the league — especially when it comes to working with a younger quarterback.

“I think he’ll do a great job,” Favre said Friday, via NBC Sports. “I had him in 1999, and that was basically in the middle of my career, and after that year he was bone but them came back obviously as the head coach. And a really bright mind. Good for a quarterback. I think any young quarterback would like him.”

Though working for Jerry Jones could be difficult, Brett Favre thinks his former head coach is more than up to the task. (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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