Breastfeeding mum's perfect response to being shamed

Holly Hales
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A breastfeeding was publicly shamed for pumping in a women's bathroom. Photo: Getty Images

breastfeeding mother has crafted the perfect response to being mum-shamed, after she was publicly scolded for pumping milk in an airport bathroom.

The woman gave the frank analysis in a candid Facebook post, where she told users about how she was shamed by a passerby while pumping during a business trip.

Mum life

"[Pumping] is something I’ve had to do multiple times since I returned to work a few months ago,” she explained.

“In this particular instance, the airport had one mother’s room and there were three women in line ahead of me.

“I had meetings to get to so I didn’t have time to wait - hence, finding an outlet in a bathroom.”

And while most of the women around were respectful, one - who was using the bathroom with her young son - had other thoughts.

The poster explained how she used a cardigan to cover herself while pumping, but the other woman still found reason to ‘reprimand’ her before ‘shielding’ her son from the sight.

“You know there’s a space for that next door,” the complainant quipped in reference to the already-full mother’s room.

The woman was discreetly pumping airport bathroom in between meetings. Photo: Facebook/bfmamatalk/

Not sorry

After wishing she had conjured up a ‘witty response’ to the jab, the poster chose not to apologise and shared her more thought-out reply on social media.

“Why is nursing or pumping being sexualised?” she asked. “You could only potentially see a portion of my *gasp* nipple through the flange on my pump, but I was largely covered by a black cardigan.”

“The stigmatisation of women harms all people - by looking at me in disgust, she was conveying to her child that I was doing something wrong or shameful with my body.”

The poster then wrote how the experience led her to the realisation she - or anyone else - shouldn’t ‘accept shame when I’m trying to do the best for my child’.

“I won’t ever make a parent feel less than for doing what they think is right. Even if they show me their nipple(s) in the process.”

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