Breakfast TV star debuts massive transformation: 'Incredible'

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ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne showed off his new look on Tuesday morning, debuting his new drag alter-ego “Gail Warnings.”

The breakfast TV star looked almost unrecognisable in sequinned pants and a big platinum blonde wig, after spending 90 minutes on the transformation.

Nate Byrne stands in front of a screen showing the globe, wearing a grey vest over a light blue shirt, before his transformation.
ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne had a dramatic transformation. Photo: ABC

Nate was reporting on Yummy, a new cabaret show in Melbourne when he was given the full drag treatment, including donning a tight corset and wig cap.

“Say a warm hello to Gail Warnings. Brace yourself Australia,” he said, as he showed off his new look.


This entertaining segment comes after Nate asked fans to vote for their favourite drag name for the weatherman.

“Gail Warnings” took the top spot, followed closely by “Misty Showers”, “Miss Thunder Stood” and “Summer Storms”.

Nate obviously had fun coming up with drag names, as he considered another seven names including Nina Floods, Sultry Knight and Amber Skye.

Left: Nate after his transformation, appearing as character Gail Warnings with heavy makeup, a blonde wig and a big pearl necklace. Right: Gail Warnings posing in her sequinned pink outfit and large blonde wig.
Nate debuted his drag alter-ego Gail Warnings. Photo: Instagram/sci.nate

The star then worked on some fun choreography before performing a dance number to Circus by Britney Spears.

Fans went wild for the weatherman’s new look, with many calling it ‘fabulous’ and ‘gorgeous’.

“Seriously Gail, what a transformation,” one wrote.

“Wow? Is that Nate? Crikey! You look stunning either way. Some people have all the looks,” a shocked fan added.

“No way!! Even your own mother wouldn’t recognise you. That is incredible. Love the name too by the way! You’re totally rocking this,” a third chimed in.

Some fans asked if Nate could present the weather as Gail Warnings in the future, to which Nate teased: “I’m not sure I could stop her…”

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