Have Breakfast By The Campfire By Roasting Your French Toast

french toast in front of campfire
french toast in front of campfire - Static Media / Shutterstock / Getty

Just because you're wandering into the great outdoors doesn't mean your tastebuds need to suffer. Alternatively, you may surprise yourself after returning home from a great camping adventure and crave the smoky taste of food cooked over an open fire. Toasted French toast is the answer, as the simple recipe can both elevate campsite menus and offer the flavors of summer in the comfort of your own backyard.

You'll need to cube up bread pieces into sizes that can be easily skewed and coated in the eggy mixture you typically use to make French toast. Once the pieces are pierced and coated, you'll cook them over the fire just as you would toast marshmallows for s'mores. This resourceful hack is a stellar way to make use of any bread you might have leftover from the sandwiches you made earlier in the day and plates of roasted French toast can be easily customized to suit the preferences of the others in your travel group.

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A Comforting Taste Of The Outdoors

bread slice cooking on skewer
bread slice cooking on skewer - csikiphoto/Shutterstock

Sprinkle powdered sugar on top of the roasted pieces of French toast, drizzle chocolate syrup or honey on top of the skewers, or serve them with crispy pieces of bacon. You can also turn toasted French toast into a more savory presentation by adding cheese, sriracha, or herbs. For sweeter bites, use the chocolate you packed to make s'mores and top off the roasted cubes of French toast. For added texture, handfuls of the crunchy granola and homemade trail mix you carried with you can be sprinkled on top of your meal.

Should you find that the coated pieces of bread are too soggy for the skewers, you can place the French toast into folds of aluminum foil. Check the pieces as they cook so the bread can be taken out of the fire once it turns golden brown. The little envelopes you make with the aluminum foil can double as serving packets for your fellow adventurers to scoop directly into. Top the cooked slices with fresh fruit or spoonfuls of the jam you tucked into your bag for peanut butter and jelly lunches, and you have a delicious breakfast that can also double as a sweet treat at the end of a long day of exploring.

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