Bradford Live customers receive refunds for shows

Bradford Live
The shows at the Bradford Live venue were scheduled for November [BBC]

Customers who booked tickets for the first two shows scheduled for the Bradford Live venue have been refunded.

The Abba and Bob Marley tribute shows were removed from the Bradford Live website in March without explanation, but only now have customers been refunded.

Mike Bradley, who bought tickets to the Bob Marley tribute act, said: “If they can’t guarantee something going on in November you wonder if it's going to open.”

NEC, the company in charge of booking acts for the venue, and Bradford Live have been approached for comment.

"There’s been absolutely nothing," Mr Bradley said.

"That’s the only thing I’ve got since booking."

Mr Bradley said the "silence" following the shows being removed from Bradford Live's website had been frustrating.

“It’s the fact that no one knows what’s happening," he said.

“It's is a bit sad, really.”

Neither Bradford Live nor NEC have publicly confirmed that the shows will not be going ahead.

Mike Bradley
Mike Bradley has had his tickets refunded [Submitted]

“I was aware that they stopped selling the tickets," Mr Bradley said.

“Then I get this refund and you start to think if the place is ever going to open.

"I’d just like the place to open, because the main reason I bought the tickets was not for that particular show but just to see the place.

“We just need to know one way or the other if it’s opening because it was going be a lovely addition to the city.”

Mr Bradley was sent an email by Ticket Factory on 24 May saying he would receive a refund within seven working days, and he was directed to the company's website if he had any questions.

There have also been reports on social media of refunds being issued for the Abba show.

The construction of Bradford Live is due to be completed in June.

In the last statement issued by the venue, a spokesperson said: “Bradford Live has a contract with the NEC to deliver this venue, and we are working to that contract.”

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