Brad Pitt's friends: 'He should've stayed with Jen'

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The whole world seems to have an opinion on who Brad Pitt should be dating since his marriage to Angelina Jolie broke down 18 months ago.

But now the Hollywood hunk’s own mates have weighed in, apparently saying he should never have left his first wife Jennifer Aniston.

“I don’t know what he was thinking,” his college friend Bill Ecker told OK!  “He goofed up leaving Jen.”

Brad Pitt’s mates have reportedly got a few things to say about his relationship status, suggesting he should never have left Jennifer Aniston. Source: Getty

Bill knows the 54-year-old from their time at the University of Missouri and admitted he was never a fan of his relationship with Ange.

“I like some of the work Angelina Jolie’s done and she’s a beautiful woman, but personally I think she’s a bit over the top.”

While the former couple have been surrounded by speculation that their love story is back on since both spilt from their partners, there has been no word from either Brad or Jen, 49.

His college friends have said he should have “never left Jen”, seen here before their divorce. Source: Getty

The 49-year-old announced her separation from hubby Justin Theroux at the start of 2018, sparking rumours she may reunite with her first love Brad.

Since then the world has been flooded with reports they’re back together, with one suggesting the pair were “married in Missouri“.

Recently the Hollywood hunk has been linked to architect Neri Oxman. Source: Instagram

Recently, Brad has also been linked to an architect and professor Neri Oxman — who looks a lot like Ange — and has been rumoured to have been dating her for six months.

One thing that is certain is his divorce from Ange will soon be finalised, prompting another university pal of the dad-of-six has revealed to tell the publication he’s super “proud” of the way the Fight Club star has handled the situation.

His divorce from Ange is set to be finalised in the next few weeks. Source: Getty

“There is no book or guide on how to deal with the public scrutiny… I’m very proud of him,” Mark Fauser said.

Brad and Jen were married for five years, from 2000 – 2005 and split amid reports linking him to Mr & Mrs co-star Angelina Jolie.

Be has reached out to Brad’s reps to see what he thinks of his mate’s thoughts.

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