Brad Pitt is firmly in the driver's seat in the new “F1” teaser trailer: 'Who said anything about safe?'

The upcoming Formula 1 racing drama speeds into theaters next summer.

Brad Pitt is kicking it into high gear in the new F1 teaser trailer. 

The actor sits firmly in the driver's seat in the first look at the upcoming Apple film, which follows a former race car driver (Pitt) as he attempts to stage a professional comeback as a member of the fictional Formula 1 team APXGP. 

Accompanying Pitt on his twisty journey to the top is Damson Idris, who plays his teammate, as well as Javier BardemKerry CondonTobias Menzies, Sarah Niles, Kim Bodnia, and Samson Kayo.

<p>Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube</p> Brad Pitt in 'F1'

Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Brad Pitt in 'F1'

"We need to build our car for combat," Pitt's character says early in the teaser.

"How am I supposed to make that safe?" Condon's character asks incredulously.

To which Pitt's character replies, "Who said anything about safe?"

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The movie, from director Joseph Kosinski, was actually shot during the real-life Grand Prix weekends with the actual stars of the sport present. Pitt and Idris previously posed for photos with drivers Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz while filming at the British Grand Prix last July.

At the time, Pitt told Sky News that his character was a racer in the 1990s who had a "horrible crash" and "craps out and disappears" as a result. He added that Bardem stars in the film as the owner of a last-place team.

"They're 21-22 on the grid — they've never scored a point," he said, "but they have a young phenom, played by Damson Idris, and they bring me in as kind of a Hail Mary and high jinks ensue."

<p>Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube</p> Damson Idris and Brad Pitt in 'F1'

Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

Damson Idris and Brad Pitt in 'F1'

F1 is a collaboration with the Formula 1 community and boasts Pitt, Jerry Bruckheimer, Chad Oman, and F1 legend Lewis Hamilton among its producers.

The film cruises into theaters on June 27, 2025. Watch the trailer above.

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