Boy's backyard play session turns dangerous, but can you see why?

Kristine Tarbert
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

While we’re all shivering on this end of the globe you could be forgiven for getting a bit jealous of this boy’s fun backyard play session in the summer sun.

But while little Timmy enjoys his slip n slide and wrestling an inflatable alligator, can you spot the danger lurking just metres away?

Can you spot the danger? Photo:  WFTV

Mum Nicole Mojica, from Florida, shared the video she took of her son playing online.

It shows the boy playing in the sun, while just off to the side a real-life alligator stalks the family.

The mum says she didn’t notice the beast in the background until she watched the footage again later.

The real alligator was just metres away. Photo:  WFTV

“I saw the brown chair move. Oh my God,” she told local news station WFTV.

“Never would I expect one so close to us. They say they are afraid. Well, he wasn’t.”

‘Never would I expect one so close to us.’ Photo:  WFTV

Terrifying to think how close the alligator actually came to her son, who was quite happily sliding into the family’s pond.

Nicole said she regularly performs backyard checks before they go outside but she just didn’t see this one.

In the video commentary she can be heard saying “Summer fun, another day. Go, Timmy, go,” completely oblivious to the danger.

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