Boyfriend dumped over appalling 'wife test'

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A guy set up a ‘wife test’ for his girlfriend in perhaps one of the most bizarre boyfriend moves we’ve ever seen on Twitter.

The man, who goes by the name The Liveman on the social media site, posted a tweet showing off how he set up the ridiculous task for his girlfriend.

He scattered his kitchen with empty pizza boxes, coffee mugs and Tupperware, just to test whether or not his girlfriend would tidy up after him.

“I invited my girlfriend for the first time ever at my place & I was extremely disappointed to be honest,” he started the tweet.

“She came this morning & left without even washing dishes let alone some cleaning.

“I thought this one was actually wife material but she entirely failed this girlfriend test.”

Needless to say, people were appalled that the man would do something like that to his girlfriend and blasted him in the comments section.

“So wait, you looking for a maid or a girlfriend? If she doing your dishes what hourly rate you paying her to do your work for you? finding myself confused I mean,” one person commented.

Another person said they wouldn’t have even stayed in the house with him if he had the place looking like that.

Others thought he set himself up to fail because she probably didn’t think he was ‘husband material’ living in such a pigsty.

Needless to say, his girlfriend wasn’t impressed and she dumped him. Photo: YouTube

However, unluckily for him, one of his girlfriend’s friends saw the tweet and sent it to his girlfriend, who wasn’t impressed.

“Some idiot somehow showed my gf this tweet and got dumped me immediately guess what I’m officially single. Congratulations,” he later tweeted.

“Next time y’all visiting ya mans house make damn sure y’all clean it up, they could be testing y’all if y’all qualify to be wifed one day.”

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