‘Boycott’: Backlash to huge KFC change

Fried chicken fans are revolting over one KFC outlet’s decision to implement a controversial change. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Flavio Brancaleone

KFC customers are calling for a boycott after another of its fast-food outlets has gone cashless.

Those hoping to buy chicken with notes or spare change in the NSW town of Morisset will go hungry, with the restaurant the latest to move away from cash transactions.

“This restaurant is cashless. We accept card only. Thank you,” reads a sign at the front of the store.

Customers are met with a sign stating that the fast food outlet is cashless. Photo: Facebook/Evan Burrell
Customers are met with a sign stating that the fast-food outlet is cashless. Photo: Facebook/Evan Burrell

The move follows other KFC outlets in Lakehaven and North Wyong that also opted to only accept card payments this year.

Some KFC fans have revolted over the decision, with calls for a boycott of stores who go cashless.

“They wouldn’t be getting my business, cash is legal tender, if they don’t want it I’ll shop elsewhere,” one person wrote on social media.

“It will only be cashless, if we allow it to happen. Consumers are the ones with the power. Boycott shops that don’t expect cash,” another wrote.

Others had concerns about the limited payment options in store in the case of an eftpos outage or bank cards not working.

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Some customers say they will boycott cashless KFCs. NewsWire / Sarah Marshall

“Works until the eftpos machine doesn’t work or the bank has a systems issue. Don’t say it won’t happen because it has and will happen again,” another person wrote.

Though the move is drawing the ire of customers, it’s entirely legal in Australia.

“Businesses can choose which payment types they accept. It is legal for a business not to accept cash,” the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said.

“However, businesses should be clear and upfront about the types of payments they accept and the total minimum price payable for their goods and services.”

KFC has been contacted for comment.