Boy worried about missing his parcel leaves adorable note for delivery driver

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

When you’re eagerly waiting days or weeks for a delivery to come it can be quite a let down to find out that you missed it and it’s been taken back to the post office.

Well, it seems one savvy young boy, Sultan from South Lanarkshire, was determined to not let that happen and took it upon himself to leave a sweet message and a bribe so that the delivery man would leave the package in a safe place at his house.

“Delivery Man, if we are not in can you please leave the parcel either at the house on the left of us or even under the black jeep” the note started. 

Source: Twitter/Amna Saleem

“My maw said we’d be back before 5.30 but I highly doubt it.

“Sorry for the inconvenience.

“Please help yourself to a treat. From Sultan.” he signed the note that had a caramel wafer attached to it.

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Whatever the package may have been, Sultan was clearly very excited to receive it and now many are calling him ‘wise beyond his years’ for taking such initiative. 

And surely the delivery driver couldn’t refuse such an innocently cute gesture.

Sultan’s cousin has since shared the cute note to her Twitter page with the caption, “my wee cousin is taking no chances with his parcel”:

And people are loving how ‘genius’ it is – one person even suggesting the young lad should become in charge of Brexit negotiations.

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