Boy & Bear on new album 'Suck on Light' and the 'poo roadie' that helped make it happen

Boy and bear build sydney
David Hosking and David Symes of Aussie band Boy & Bear stopped by the BUILD Series Sydney studio. Photo: BUILD

Four years after their last album, Aussie band Boy & Bear are back on the scene with their new record ‘Suck On Light’.

Speaking to Kate Peck in the BUILD Series studio, frontman David Hosking explained their extended absence was due to serious health issues that left him “trapped in his house for two years”.

Diagnosed with Chronic Dysbiosis, specialists believed irregularities in Hosking's gut were poisoning his nervous system, leaving him with intense pain, anxiety and depression.

After spending years arriving at this diagnosis, he finally found relief (and some semblance of normal life) through an unusual form of treatment known as Faecal Microbiota Transplants (FMT), or poo transplants, made possible by a daily donor.

Affectionately referred to as his ‘poo roadie’, Hosking explained, “At one point we drove around to him and he came out with a little bag... people were looking at us and he’s like, ‘this looks like a drug deal’.”

“When you go from being literally trapped in your own house for two years, you can’t do anything, and then suddenly you start to feel more comfortable and you start to claw back bits of your life,” he added.

“I became dependent on an unusual treatment and if I do the treatment I can function.”

Hosking was joined by Boy & Bear bassist David Symes in the BUILD Series studio - check out the video above for their full interview.

Boy & Bear ‘Suck On Light’ will be out on Friday Sept 27th. Pre-save or Pre-order here.

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