Boxed In: Best sports uniform to wear casually — Basketball vs. Hockey

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Staff
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Michael Jordan’s pinstriped 23 on the Chicago Bulls. A throwback Anaheim Mighty Ducks hockey sweater. The sports world is littered with iconic uniforms, but if you only had one sport to choose from to wear to work, a grocery store, or even brunch, what would it be?

On today's Boxed In, Yahoo's sartorial scholars Liz Loza, LaJethro Jenkins and Hannah Keyser debate the merits of the best sports uniform to wear in public. While Hannah defends the impeccable hockey sweater, LaJethro argues the basketball jersey is the best choice to wear in public.

It should be noted that we are not here to debate the merits of shirseys. Shirseys will always be cool.

What sports jersey is acceptable to wear in public?
What sports jersey is acceptable to wear in public?

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