Bonnie Sveen reveals if she would return to Home and Away

Home and Away fan favourite Bonnie Sveen has addressed fans waiting for her return to the soap.

Video transcript

BONNIE SVEEN: I never want to say like a flat no, but look, I have no plans to go back and maybe I want. Maybe I should just prepare myself that it's not going to happen. But because the exit was right there. It was a really beautiful time in my life. And I always think about it with nostalgia and I feel so lucky to have worked with those people. And it has shaped my process and acting process a lot just with all of that regularity and experience. But I have no plans to go back.

But I'm also really excited this week to have seen that right away, Hick is joining the cast. And no doubt she'll be extraordinary and I'm sure very popular. And yeah, I look forward to seeing what her character getup gets up to on there.

I guess especially, since moving to Tasmania, we've sort of all gone in a bit of a different direction. I do really enjoy following their journeys online. You know, a lot of the cast and the crew, I'm still sort of friends with online. And I might really occasionally check in with Lynne McGranger or, you know, Johnny Ruffo's journey and certainly [? Ty ?] and [? Philly. ?]

But yeah, we certainly-- I haven't seen them for many years. I could. To be honest, acting still the love. So yeah, like, but I would definitely. Look, it is such a fate writing for "Home and Away" because there are what, sort of 24, 25 core characters and different storylines.

And I think it's such an interesting and involved formula to keep those storylines going and always have an event and something that, you know, like smaller relationship dynamics and then bigger picture whole cast stuff. I find all that really interesting.

But I think in a filmmaking capacity, I would probably be looking at more, like, indie projects. Perhaps moving into hopefully feature film or yeah, my own creations, I guess, and stuff that's maybe a little left of field, with supernatural and fantasy elements.