Bondi Vet star, 44, rushed to hospital with neurological illness: 'Scariest part'

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A star on the TV series Bondi Vet, made famous by Dr Chris Brown, has been rushed to hospital after exhibiting 'strange behaviour' such as slow speech, tripping and an inability to type.

Dr Gerardo Poli, who appears on the brand new Bondi Vet: ER series with his partner, Dr Alex Hynes, was admitted to the neurology ward of Brisbane's Mater hospital last week.

Bondi Vet stars Dr Alex Hynes, Dr Gerardo Poli and their two daughters. Photo: Instagram/dralexhynes.
Bondi Vet stars Dr Alex Hynes, Dr Gerardo Poli and their two daughters. Photo: Instagram/dralexhynes.

Bondi Vet star hospitalised

Taking to Instagram on Monday, Dr Alex gave an update on her partner's condition, explaining that the 44-year-old is suffering 'a form of encephalitis-inflammation of the brain'.

"About a week ago @drgerardopoli started behaving strangely- his speech was slow and he would jumble up words. He repeatedly dropped his phone on the ground, tripped over his own feet and bumped into the edge of doorways. The scariest part of all was that he had no awareness that anything was wrong.

On Thursday he sat down at his computer and realised that he couldn't type on the keyboard- for some reason that was the thing that broke through his consciousness and allowed me to get him the help he needed."

Dr Alex said that Dr Gerardo was being looked after by an 'incredible medical team' who are working to get a diagnosis and find the treatment he needs.

"At this stage all we know is he has a form of encephalitis-inflammation of the brain- probably autoimmune in nature but likely triggered by a recent respiratory virus he had been battling," she added.


Former Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown with a puppy. Photo: Instagram/drchrisbrown.
Original Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown quit the show in 2017. Photo: Instagram/drchrisbrown.

Dr Alex said her partner, who cofounded the Vet Success Academy, was at times 'confused' but still had his 'wacky sense of humour,' and that he was able to spend some time with the couple's six-month-old daughter, Lorelai.

The couple also shares daughter Tori, 12, who is from Dr Alex's previous relationship.

On the same day as Dr Alex's update, Dr Gerardo also shared news of his health battle on his own Instagram account.

"It does not take much to forget what is important to you," he wrote. "I am by no means on death's door but being there for Lorelai (aka Potato) when she needs me, teaching her all the bad things and making her laugh are the things that I cherish the most."

He went on to thank everyone for their well wishes and support, saying that he hopes to be back on his feet in no time.

Dr Alex and Dr Gerardo work together at Brisbane's Animal Emergency Service (AES). When original Bondi Vet star Dr Chris Brown quit the show in 2017, Dr Alex was selected to appear on a spin-off, Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast, with Dr Gerardo joining later on.

The pair recently announced a new YouTube series, Bondi Vet: ER.

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