A 'bomb thrower' who 'lacks empathy': Jess' shock MAFS audition tape

Penny Burfitt
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Jess doesn’t hold back when describing herself in her audition tape Photo: Channel 9

She’s become renowned for her manipulative and lying ways, but if her audition tape is anything to go off, the producers knew exactly what they had on their hands with Jess Power.

Aired on last week’s Talking Married, the audition tape reveals a brash and confident Jess whose admissions about herself include thats she’s a ‘bomb thrower’ who ‘lacks empathy’ and is always ‘the one who ends a relationship’.

Yikes, quite the rap she gave herself.

Well it seems to have worked in her favour, not only did Jess make it onto the show, but her raunchy misbehaviour with Dan has been dominating headlines ever since fellow-adulterers Ines and Sam got booted.

Jess and Dan have made waves with their sneaky, seductive behaviour Photo: Channel 9

The jaw dropping clip is throwing serious doubt on a recent interview with executive producer Peter Walsh, who said he regrets the ‘drama’ on this season.

Looks like drama was definitely on the menu for Jess; in the tape she boasts of her cavalier attitude towards former partners and lists ‘bad sex’ as her number one dealbreaker.

“Guys just go for me because of how I look,” she shrugs, before admitting she’s a ‘very confident person’.

Most shocking is her admission that what turns men off the most is her ‘lack of empathy’.

Jess admitted ‘bad sex’ was a major reason behind her marriage breakdown on the show. Photo: Nine

“I’m not needy, it can put [men] off that I lack a bit of empathy in relationships sometimes, where if he’s upset about something and I just think it’s ridiculous,” the wayward wife admitted.

She also describes herself as a ‘bomb thrower’, a prophecy which she immediately fulfills by admitting that ‘bad sex’ was a part of the reason her and ‘husband’ Mick didn’t work out to the panel.

The shocking tape came just days before Jess and Dan finally broke their silence on their illicit affair , and in a shock twist were allowed to stay on the show as a new couple.

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