The Bold Spice Blend To Give Your Steaks Middle Eastern-Inspired Flair

slicing up za'atar steak
slicing up za'atar steak - Julianne De Witt/Tasting Table

Steak is a versatile protein for just about any meal. Whether served as a breakfast main alongside a pair of eggs, sliced up into a salad for lunch, or the star of your dinnertime meal, the options are nearly limitless. Seasoning-wise, savory herbs like rosemary and thyme, salt, pepper, and garlic for spices, and either butter or oil or a combination thereof are the gold standard. For a steak that steps off the beaten path, try the staple Middle Eastern spice blend, za'atar, to bring a flavor to your steak that is, simply put, "chef's kiss."

Za'atar is a tangy, herbal spice blend hailing from the Middle East. Typically, the components of za'atar include thyme, marjoram, oregano, sumac, and toasted sesame seeds. This seasoning mixture can be found on grocery store shelves or easily made at home and fine-tuned to your taste preferences. Why does za'atar work so well with steak? The bold spice of the sumac, earthy green herbal notes, and mild toasted sesame seeds combine to create a mix of flavors that complement steak's natural richness with just the right amount of tanginess. Seasoning your favorite steak with za'atar is just one of its many incredible uses.

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Za'atar As The Perfect Steak Seasoning

cooking za'atar steak
cooking za'atar steak - Julianne De Witt/Tasting Table

A thick and well-marbled New York strip is an ideal cut of steak to take on a hearty shake of za'atar seasoning such as in a grilled za'atar steak and sweet potato bowl. You can even try encrusting a leaner steak like a filet mignon with za'tar or dry rubbing a fattier cowboy ribeye cut prior to cooking. Most any popular cut of steak will accommodate za'atar seasoning as the spice brings out the naturally occurring meaty flavors while adding an extra zing.

Best practices for using za'atar on your steak are numerous. For one, you can try it as a pre-cooking seasoning rub. Mixing it with butter in which to cook your steak is also another excellent idea. Further, sprinkling the za'atar as a finishing seasoning on a freshly cooked steak – or over your vegetable sides as a flavorful accompaniment — is a great way to level up a basic steak to new heights of taste. Any way you choose to use it, za'atar is a fantastic seasoning blend you'll want to keep close by in your pantry.

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