Is this the most bogan way to do a gender reveal?

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Say goodbye to popping balloons and colourful confetti because there’s a new gender reveal trend going around, and it may just be the most bogan way possible.

Revheads rejoice because car burnouts with coloured smoke are now a way of revealing the gender of your unborn baby.

In the video above, a couple from Arkansas in the US were quick to jump on the movement, revealing the gender of their baby with a massive burnout in their Ford Mustang.

Dad-to-be Justin was the only person who knew the sex of the baby and prepped the car before the big reveal.

Then when he revved the engine and spun the wheels, a cloud of pink smoke filled the air, much to the delight of his wife Beth.

The car burnout is becoming a popular trend for baby gender reveals. Source: Beth Rice via Storyful

Unsurprisingly, Aussies have also taken a fancy to the gender reveal burnouts.

In this next video, the person who had the job of doing the burnouts looked to be having a real good time as the puff of blue smoke engulfed the car.

It’s hard to tell what’s louder, the car revs or the screams of excitement from the mum-to-be and friends.

Another couple turned to the popular trend so that their reveal could be a unique occasion the men would enjoy too.

“A friend used a hair dryer to blow the appropriate colour reveal powder into the Lamborghini’s exhaust,” the dad said.

“No one else knew what was in the oven. It was a GIRL! My wife spinning in circles, and it was classic.”

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