Body scanning at Jersey Airport due to start this week

A scanner
Two of the four scanners are set to be in use this week, Ports of Jersey says

Two new body scanners will be in operation at Jersey Airport this week, bosses said.

Due to go live on November 23, they are part of a £3m project to upgrade security at the hub, Ports of Jersey added.

Head of security Maria Le Tiec said the scanners would complete the security system "required of most UK airports" from June 2024.

Four body scanners were due to be in operation by then, she added.

Ms Le Tiec added: "The scanners are safe, non-invasive, and easy to use with the right preparation.

"Security staff will explain to passengers how they need to prepare for the new scanners, which will go into operation this week."

The "completely safe" scanners use "millimetre wave imaging" to locate objects on a person "concealed under clothing", said Ports of Jersey.

The imaging works by producing an outline image of a person, "much like a gingerbread man", the body said, without revealing "the naked body or insides of a body".

The images are then analysed digitally "within the equipment" without being "seen, stored, printed or transmitted".

The upgrade, intended to "enhance screening of passengers and hand luggage", also included the installation of three new X-ray machines, bosses said.

Those opting out of the scanners would need to be "searched by hand", they added.

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