Can you spot what’s wrong with this photo?

Halloween parties have come to an end for another year, but if you had past these four women on the street, would you have spotted what’s missing from their outfits?

The ladies are dressed as vampires and on their way to a charity event, but there was something very different about their costumes.

Could you work out what was wrong with this image? Photo: Instagram/Jen the Body Painter

The photo was shared on Instagram by Jen the Body Painter, and if you haven’t worked it out yet, surely the name gives it away.

None of the women are actually wearing tops, instead, their crop tops have been painstakingly painted on, complete with jewellery and brand logos.

The fact that they are wearing real bottoms may have thrown some people off, with one commenter writing, “It took me a minute to realise they were painted! So talented”.

Body painting can take several hours to complete depending on the complexity of the design and requires the model to stand still, and nearly naked, as the artist brings the masterpiece together. The result can be quite convincing though and a very different take on a costume idea.

Here's another example of body paint, with only the woman on the right dressed in real clothes. Photo: Instagram/Jen the Body Painter

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