Blue Wiggle's savage dig at President Trump shocks fans

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has dipped his toe into politics, wading into the underwhelming turnout to Donald Trump’s political rally over the weekend, with an uncharacteristically savage dig online.

Anthony was dragged into the matter of the surprisingly low turnout to Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma after a fan compared the empty arena ahead of the rally to a packed out Wiggles concert at what seems to be the same location.

Anthony Field of The Wiggles surprised fans with a savage swipe at President Trump on Twitter. Photo: Getty Images

“The Wiggles concert vs Trump rally,” the fan wrote alongside the startlingly different images, one showing a handful of people milling about the empty venue, another showing thousands watching one of the children entertainers’ legendary concerts.

Anthony then added his two-cents in with a not-so-subtle dig at the president’s lacklustre turnout.

“To be fair, we had a better light show!” he wrote, retweeting the original photos.

The very sassy comment from the typically apolitical member of the children’s group raised eyebrows online, though most fans were loving the response.

“You haven't experienced shade until you've experienced Wiggles shade,” one fan wrote.

“The Wiggles throwing shots at Trump what a great start to my morning,” another responded.

“My hero as a kid, my hero as an adult,” another shared.

“Maybe he should have sang the fruit salad song - definitely wouldn’t have hurt!” was one suggestion.

At 57 years old Anthony is the longest-running member of the Aussie kid’s group, which usually keeps out of politics both in Australia and overseas.

It seems in the age of Trump and coronavirus however, he made a slight exception.

His comment comes after users on TikTok claimed to have sabotaged the president’s rally by filling out the free online registration for the rally with no intention of going.

The New York Times reported that fans of Korean pop music were encouraging people to do the same.

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