Blogger reveals how 'madly' deceptive Instagram can be

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A fashion blogger has shared the huge difference posing and lighting can do to peoples' photos on Instagram, urging her followers not to compare themselves to others online.

Zoe Marie Davies, from London, has gained over 30K followers by spreading body-positivitiy, with her latest showing the "mad difference" between images taken only moments apart.

Zoe Marie Davies instagram vs reality

Zoe Marie Davies shared the major difference between natural and posed photos. Photo: Instagram/zoe_mariedavies

"It’s honestly mad what lighting and some poses/angles can do to your body," she captioned the four images showing her in various states of posing vs her natural posture, as well as the change simply adjusting her underwear can make.

"Posed in the bottom two and my hips hurt from doing it," she added.


The blogger often shares before-and-after snaps of her figure online wearing lingerie and form-fitting dresses, to highlight what her body looks like when she is posing versus when she is sitting or standing naturally.

Zoe Marie Davies

Zoe Marie Davies is a fashion blogger from London. Photo: Instagram/zoe_mariedavies

On another snap, she wrote: "This just creates an illusion. Remember girls no one actually sits like this normally.

"So don’t compare yourself to bodies that are posed. Our bodies will look different in different angles and that’s okay!"

Her followers clearly love her for it with many leaving comments thanking her for her "realness".

"Instagram needs more of this! Proper inspiration. Fully love this! Thankyou," one fan wrote.

"Thank you for always gracing my page with self love," another said.

While a third wrote: "Beautiful from all angles."

Instagram personality Rianne Meijer is known for sharing similar photos to show the 'truth' of social media.

Aussie model Taylah Roberts has also made a similar point with a hilariously relatable change room selfie earlier this year.

Other Instagram personalities have won thousands of followers embracing their cellulite, celebrating saggy skin, and embracing the power and beauty of mum bodies.

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