Influencer praised for sharing raw childbirth footage

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor
Australian influencer Hannah Polites has shared raw footage of herself giving birth to son Arlo. Photo: YouTube/Hannah Polites

Australian influencer Hannah Polites made headlines in 2016 for her baby bump being ‘too small’, but that hasn’t stopped her from sharing her journey again while pregnant with second child, Arlo.

The blogger has received a wave of positive reactions this week after she posted raw footage of her childbirth on Instagram and YouTube.

“My labour and birth video is now live,” she wrote to her over 1.3 million Instagram followers.

“This is just a short version, for the full length go to the link in my bio. I still get so emotional watching it and as much as it’s sometimes hard to watch myself go through the contractions, I just want to experience it all over again. Such a magical, empowering and love filled day.”

Followers quickly praised Hannah for sharing the almost nine-minute video on YouTube, with one writing, “I have goosebumps everywhere!!!”

“So beautiful thank you for sharing,” penned another.

Hannah opted for hypnobirthing, which involves hypotherapy techniques applied during the natural childbirth process.

She explained that a “traumatic” childbirth with her daughter a few years ago prompted her to go with hypnobirthing this time around.

“When I became pregnant with this time, I was so nervous and scared to give birth again so I looked into my options and found Hypnobirthing Australia,” she wrote.

“Garth [her partner] and I took a course in our home in the lead up to the birth. This birth with (sic) was in complete contrast to the first- I felt safe, empowered, strong and in control and was able to achieve the calm welcome for Arlo that we'd dreamed of.”

The influencer opted for hypnobirthing, which involves hynpotherapy techniques applied during the natural childbirth process. Photo: Youtube/Hannah Polites

While she’s had many positive reactions, there’s also been some criticism directed her way.

“I think it should be private.. people show too much on the internet,” wrote one commenter.

“Of course it’s a beautiful moment in your life but you should experience this with your housband and family, not with million’s random followers online.. people shows to much on the internet. But it’s just my opinion (sic).”

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