The Block's Mitch and Mark on hosting Location, Location, Location

The Block's Mitch and Mark on hosting Location, Location, Location.

Video transcript

- We were approached to audition for the show, and we thought, oh, that's nice. And we never expected anything to come of it. And when they actually locked in and they said, well, we want to go ahead and do this show, we were a bit taken aback because we felt, one, that we-- we felt, one, that we were older than people that they'll usually get to start hosting a show. Like we are not thought, we know we are. And also as a gay couple, they don't have-- they just don't have any gay couples in Australia, I don't even know if, around the world hosting TV shows.

- There's not-- there's a lot of diversity on TV. We see lots of the community represented, but we thought about it and went, oh, my gosh as a same sex couple, as the host of the show. Not just a judge or a contestant or whatever. But as a couple hosting Location, Location, Location. It's a huge, huge-- we think it's fantastic.

- And I think it says a lot for society that society are ready to see an older couple and a gay couple hosting a show. And you know.

- And because of their expertise. Just do their thing.

- Yeah, yeah, so it's a bit special.