Blair & Kristi McDonough: Meet baby Leni!

Blair McDonough in New Idea, May 11 2015.
Blair McDonough in New Idea, May 11 2015.

Blair & Kristi McDonough introduce baby Leni in this week's issue of New Idea, on sale now!

Everything was ready for the arrival of Blair and Kristi McDonough’s baby.

The medical staff, birthing suite and excited parents-to-be were in place – the one thing missing was the tiny bundle of joy.

"She decided to be fashionably late," laughs lovable larrikin Blair, 34, tenderly cuddling his little daughter Leni Rose.

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"She got off to a bit of a slow start!"

At a week overdue doctors decided to induce the birth, but contrary to expectations, it proved a lengthy procedure.

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"Kristi was in labour for almost 36 hours," marvels Blair, who shot to fame on Big Brother before starring in Neighbours and Winners & Losers.

"By the end we were all pretty exhausted, even me!"

Late but undeniably cute, Leni finally arrived on March 26 – weighing 3.54kg and measuring 50cm – at Saint John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, near the pair’s home.

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