Black + Decker’s Cordless Cocktail Maker is a battery-powered Bartesian

The Bev by Black + Decker comes with its own ‘party mode.’

Daniel Cooper

Anyone who knows their tools knows that Makita, which makes drills and saws, also produces its own coffee machine that runs on the same batteries that power its equipment. Not to be outdone, Black + Decker has its own powered cocktail maker, and has now built a cordless model that you can take on the road. The Bev by Black + Decker Cordless Cocktail Maker is a battery powered booze-dispenser that harnesses Bartesian’s capsules to dish out alcoholic goodies.

Standing taller than a foot on the tabletop, the portable Bev has space for six liquor bottles with the Bartesian pod up front. Naturally, you can use the controls on the top of the machine to set your dose size, from mocktail all the way through to large. And, because a cocktail dispenser isn’t the conversation starter it once was, the unit has its own “enhanced party mode” with a “rainbow of colors that light under the bottles.”

The company says that you’ll be able to get up to 250 drinks on a single charge, assuming you’re rocking a fully-charged 20V MAX battery and don’t want anything too fancy. Naturally, when it’s plugged in, the machine will charge the battery, and run it down when you’re out of the kitchen. In terms of availability, the Bev by Black + Decker Cordless will be available in Spring of 2023, with the price set at $400 when it arrives.