Bizarre 'Queen' prank outside Kate's hospital

Kristine Tarbert

As the world’s media crowded outside St Mary’s Hospital in London waiting to catch a glimpse of the newest member of the royal family, the Queen decided to pay a visit.

Only it wasn’t actually the Queen.

‘Her majesty’ did a drive-by past the hospital where Kate had just given birth in a black cab, however it was actually just a wax figure.

The 'Queen' arrives outside the hospital. Photo: Getty
Fans rushed to get a photo of who was inside. Photo: Getty

Fans rushed towards the vehicle wanting to catch a glimpse of who was inside, but on closer inspection quickly relayed “it’s wax”.

The bizarre prank was well received by onlookers, according to, and was very convincing from afar.

It was actually a wax figure. Photo: Getty

At this stage, it is unclear who exactly planned the joke.

“The first royal appearance for the new #RoyalBaby … of sorts,” royal correspondent James Brookes wrote on Twitter.

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