'Disgusting' new reality show where a group of men compete to impregnate a woman

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A new American reality dating show called Labor of Love sees a group of men compete to impregnate a woman and social media is very confused.

The bizarre new reality show is about a 41-year-old divorcee named Kristy Katzmann, who previously appeared on The Bachelor and is now looking for a man to start a family with.

Labor of Love
A new reality dating show Labor of Love has been slammed by social media with some calling it "disgusting". Photo: FOX

Hosted by Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, the show assess the men's fatherly qualities, including things like their sperm count and their drinking habits.

The men will also be put through tests like a labour simulator and one scene in the trailer shows things get even more bizarre with a fake bear being brought in on a date to see how the suitor might react.

Kristen says in the trailer, "She wants a real partner, we're going to really go some places that people don't go."

With tagline like, "Skip the dating and go straight to baby making," and, "Love is optional, labour is not," it's safe to say this is a reality dating show like no other.

While the show isn't available in Australia, Twitter users in the States have shared their initial thoughts and they're actually quite mixed.

One user wrote, "Can we talk about this new show #laboroflove? Someone please tell me that I am NOT the only one totally appalled. Did we not learn our lessons from all the failed Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships? Now we’re getting someone pregnant? No. Stop it. Stop."

Another seemingly agreed and said, "Sooooo she couldn’t just go to the sperm bank?"

Someone else wrote, "I love a good reality show but, #LaborOfLove is weird af. Dude got a first place award for having the highest sperm count and then forgets his possible baby mamas name..."

Many others called the show "disgusting".

However, some people seemed to love the show with one person writing, "A reality show featuring a 40-year-old woman and age-appropriate eye candy?!?!?! It’s about damn time."

Someone else added, "I went it to this show wanting to hate on it but i have to say it really wasn't that bad."

Kristin Davis spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the show, revealing it took a year and a half to find the right suitors for Kristy.

"They had cast a really wide net because obviously it wasn't our regular reality show -- 25-year-olds -- that Kristy wanted," Kristin explained.

"And we were just trying to please Kristy. ... She really wanted an equal, so we had to find someone who was really successful, and getting those people to leave their jobs was a whole thing. It took a lot."

She revealed that Labor of Love was aiming to be a more adult version of The Bachelor, "The idea was to open up this conversation about people waiting in life to have babies and get married, it inherently meant we needed to have a different base of people, and because Kristy was so successful."

"To find someone equal to her meant that we had to go outside of the normal parameters in terms of what we were looking for, and I think that's what makes us different, and also our challenges are super different," she explained.

Kristin Davis and Kristy Katzmann on Labor of Love
Hosted by Sex and the City's Kristin Davis, the show assess the men's fatherly qualities, including things like their sperm count and their drinking habits. Photo: FOX

"They bring about really funny and extreme behaviour, which is sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, which I'm pleased about currently, especially."

The publication also spoke with Kristy, who revealed shy the show was perfect for her.

"At the time the show had crossed my path, I had just turned 40," she says. "I felt like my dating pool really shifted dramatically at that time. Talk about dating with pressure, right? I obviously was up against a biological clock that just is what it is.

"I still wanted to be a mom and I had to figure out a way to make that happen. I was looking into pursuing motherhood on my own, but I hesitated because I really wanted to have that experience with someone. I really wanted to fall in love and start a family with that person, so when the show crossed my path, it really seemed like the perfect solution.

"It really fit seamlessly in my life, and I thought, here's an opportunity to date a group of amazing men that have been handpicked for me and vetted and they're ready to become fathers too. Why wouldn't I do it?"

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